Coffee – quality not quantity.


You can read loads of things about the good and bad aspects of coffee. All I know is I like it but if I have too much I can tell! So when I first started being healthy I cut it out all together but then realised how much I miss it and like most things it is fine in moderation. I also dug out some of the equipment I have and realised after all of the investment I couldn’t afford to give it up!

So now I go for quality not quantity.

I take it in lots of ways an espresso (with a spot of sugar) for a kick, macchiato (espresso with a bit of mid-froth milk on top but no milk in the actual coffee) if I need a kick and some comfort, flat white (if I know the place can make it properly) for social times or a french press (cafetiere to you and me) especially if I’m at home.

I keep a packet of main stream brands on the go but also now get a specialist roast mail order about once a month. There are quite a few of these companies around but I use Pact Coffee. They do all of the right things with suppliers and are always looking for ways to innovate. Combine this with a great selection of beans, neat website and good customer service I end up being very happy. I recently got a chance to sample their cold pressed coffee which I didn’t even know was a thing. It has now gone on my options list.

So enjoy your coffee but like most things have it in moderation and don’t compromise on the quality.

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