Cook Book Inspiration


I got Lorraine Pascales latest book as a surprise Amazon delivery by way of encouragement from my daughters. They know I like her programmes and recipes (and her).

It’s a great example of a book that takes a healthy look at cooking but is sensible (well to me) at the same time. The Hairy Bikers did a great series and books too. There are others and they all show you can still eat good food but with a little effort cut down on the fats and calories.

I’ve done quite a few of her recipes. The picture at the top of this post is her Pan-Fried Salmon with Herbed Lentils with a Winter Gremolata. When I made it I used a 110g piece of raw cold smoked salmon which I found on the discount shelf at the local supermarket and it totalled 400 calories. I don’t think I can just copy her recipe out so you will have to find the book to get it but she has plenty of free ones on her website.

The Gremolata is a great Italian sauce made of herbs, lemon and garlic. You can add lots of other things and is a lovely no calorie addition to grilled meats or a sandwich. I have done a version of my own which I’ll do a separate post about soon.

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