Urban Walking – my answer to exercise

I’m not big on exercise. Hated it at school, recycling “sick notes” from my mother and even occasionally resorted to putting a bandage round my ankle to fake an injury, from what I have no idea. I have a gym membership I rarely use and a bike which is safely gathering dust in the bike store downstairs.

But I know that controlling calories is only one part of loosing weight and getting fitter. You have to control input and increase output. So my first serious attempt to increase calorie use is walking. I actually quite like it, especially if there is point to it or I’m with a group of friends.

I also have realised there really isn’t an excuse. All of us have the choice to occasionally not get in the car and walk as an alternative. I live in the centre of an ever changing city so there is always something new to see and to walk to. I also have the option, which again most of use do, to walk somewhere and shock of shocks get public transport home!

There are loads of apps, clubs and websites that give ideas for every area in the country. Many have walks that other users have already mapped out for you so you don’t even have to think too much. Obviously if you live in the country or are on your holidays then you really have even less excuse to be inspired by what’s round you. I’m an urbanite so am happy with the new and old buildings and pavements. I use steps and bridges to increase gradients and raise my heart rate.

This a prime example of a 10,000 step walk I did that took about an hour and a half although I did stop to read and look at things, and to take the photos. I walked from my apartment to visit a new development across town. Manchester is the spiritual home of the Co-op movement and the new area now called NOMA is the next stage in their influence on the city. If your interested it’s best to go to their website, it’s worth a look. I also took in a newly regenerated park, Angel Meadow and part of the growing green quarter.

Enjoy a walk: there’s plenty to see, calories to burn and increased fitness to gain.



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