Fruit on toast? I like it!

When you’re cutting back on fat and sugar you can sometimes resort to eating some odd combinations of food. But actually combining some wholemeal or rye toast with a natural syrup and topping it with fruit makes a great starter for the day.

Bread / Toast 

  • Rye Bread – I keep a packet in the fridge. Depending on the brand each slice is between 70 and 100 calories. It has a long use by date so is normally good for a week.
  • Sour Dough / Wholemeal Bread- I often have a leftover part of a loaf in the freezer so it’s easy to get a slice out and stick it in the toaster.
  • Thins / Flat Breads – again a good freezer staple. Split and toasted you end up with a 100 calories base for your toppings.

Natural Syrups

  • Instead of butter or oil based spread I use a small amount of a natural syrup to give me a sweet kick.
  • Three good ones are honey (runny), maple syrup (get the natural one if you can to max flavour) and pomegranate molasses (yes, I know, but I saw it on the TV and then found it sitting on the shelf of the supermarket and it works).
  • A couple of teaspoons of each is about 35 calories.
  • Don’t use them from the fridge and make sure you put them on warm toast so they spread further and you maximise the flavour.


  • I go for pears, apple, strawberries or banana but any will do.
  • It’s a good way of using up bits you might be about to through away.
  • Combine two or more to add variety, flavour and texture.

So if I have 3 syrups, 3 breads and 4 fruit (using 2 at a time) that’s more than 20 combinations to choose from. Using one slice / piece of bread it will add up to around 200 calories depending on the weight and quantity. Happy days.

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