My Dieting Tools

I don’t even like the word dieting. We all have a diet that we are used to and like. The issue is normally  what’s in your diet and how much you’re eating. The other other side of dieting is how appropriate it is in terms of calories compared to what energy you’re burning, exercise that is! Another word I hate. The only solution to reducing your weight is to manage the input and maximise the output. Net effect is to  burn fat. All of the books and diets you see therefore really are about finding the combination that suits you.

Anyway I have posted about some exercise I am doing, it’s here if you want to read it, so I thought I would look at some of the tools I am using to successfully manage the calories.

  • An App – it’s essential if you are going to count your calories and measure your exercise on a daily basis. There are plenty to choose from and many are free for the basis version which I have found enough. I happen to use MyNetDiary but that is because I used it a few years ago and got used to how it works. It sets targets, has a massive data base of foods which you can add to and gives analysis in lots of ways to encourage you.
  • Smart Phone – obviously it gives me access to the app but I also use it to take pictures of what I have eaten (especially if I can’t log it in app right away), of things I liked (and hated) and of things I see that give me ideas for my own meals.
  • Good sharp knife (or two) – essential because you need to prepare the food and make it look good. It also speed things up.
  • Peeler / zester / corer – all three of these make life easier and take some of the pain out of cooking especially if you struggle with the basics.
  • Electronic scales – these are essential. I have one that is combined in to a jug and the one that is shown which opens up and you place any plate or bowl on it. Its also compact and light weight so if you want to travel with it you can.
  • Chopping boards – you need good ones and a range to allocate different ones to separate food types.
  • Water jug (pictured with lime juice, Badoit and fruit) – I bought a simple jug to put water in and store in the fridge door. When I get the pangs to reach in to eat something I see it and pour a glass instead. It works most of the time and it’s good for you. Using sparkling water in the same way works well too although it can be expensive. Combine with a low calorie cordial if you need to but not every drink.

The list could go on but these for me are the essentials for removing any barriers or excuses.


One thought on “My Dieting Tools

  1. I think (based on my own experience) that hunger pangs are often thirst – the water idea is therefore a great one. I have just got a bottle with a stopper as recently seen in a Norfolk hotel. Making cooking “diet ” food an activity of style and having the equipment to deliver the extras in terms of appearance is really worthwhile and it diverts the attention from high calorie extras!!!

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