Souvlaki, Kale Salad & Salsa Verde

This is a nice combo inspired by a range of countries and recipes. Instead of a writing it out in full  I’ve done some descriptions to follow along with any references and inspirations.

Souvlaki – this is a greek classic often served by street vendors or in cafes. Keep it simple by marinading the meat (I used pork fillet) in lemon and thyme for half an hour or so. Add salt after you have grilled them so the meat doesn’t go tough.

Kale Salad – this salad is a mixture of shredded kale, onion and tomato. Flavour comes from a teaspoon of olive oil, balsamic vinegar, salt and pepper. The key technique is to wash the kale and put a very small amount of oil on to it, then scrunch it between your fingers to breakdown the fibers. Leave for half an hour to let the oil work its magic. Then mix in the rest of the ingredients. I got the idea from Lorraine Pascale’s book, “Eating Well Made Easy”. I recommend it.

Salsa Verde – the simple Italian condiment. For my stripped-down version I combined what was in the fridge. This one had capers, gherkins and coriander. No oil, just some pepper and salt if needed. Finely chop the ingredients and sprinkle over the meat.

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