Who’s Will?

I’m Will. A 50 something father of two who has realised being over weight and unfit is life limiting and is trying to use my love for food and drink to get thinner not fatter!

I, like many people, use the internet to look for answers to most things. But when I looked I found little that spoke to me in my search for ideas on cutting down on my calorie intake and getting some exercise other than NHS clinical help lines. There’s plenty for the London-centric, fad based, use the latest, have access to the best, youth driven, image obsessed fitness Gastronom. Little for the fat, middle aged bloke who’s struggled all his
life to keep to a healthy weight, exercise at all and extend his life past an ever extending
retirement age.

Me looking longingly at food!

So, encouraged by my two daughters, I have set up this blog as a way of sharing recipes, ideas and a few things I learn along the way to a healthier and longer life.

I do cook and can follow a recipe. But like to keep things pretty simple. I shop in the local supermarkets, occasional market stalls and independent shops if I pass one and something looks tasty. I do like most flavours and am open to trying things for a first (or even second) time.

I also still like going to restaurants and bars, in fact it’s made me enjoy them even more with the added challenge of finding a healthier option even at the most unlikely venues.

I have started with the will to make a change in my life, hence the title of this blog. I can’t give you that personal motivation but if you have a spark of a desire then I may have some recipes and ideas to help you along and make things a bit easier.

I will be realistic, use available ingredients, be honest, not let style take over substance, give tips not instructions and be straight forward. It does mean it might look a bit rough round the edges (especially the pictures!), but heh ho!

I hope you find the will to join me.